Just as it takes a village to raise a child, I am finding that it takes a community to support inquiry and change.  I am working with a group of fantastic people who are supportive and work collectively to bring this community of practice to fruition.  There is Renee Howarton of the NTLC who has provided the necessary support structure and encouragement to recruit members and help things run smoothly.  There are my CoP co-leaders Anne and Kitrina who have contributed their writing, blogging and area expertise to our endeavor.  They are great to work with and we keep one-another on track.  Then there are the great group of participants who agreed to join us.  They are eager to discuss, are coming prepared, and are volunteering their time and effort to this project.   John Willison, of the University of Adelaide – Australia, has graciously provided his expertise, time and support to help us get this CoP underway.  Thank you all for helping get the RSD CoP Cohort up and running.  I look forward to working and learning with all of you!


One thought on “Teamwork”

  1. Hi Sylvia
    You have a great team there at UW-S! It was fantastic meeting the RSD CoP and also many university colleagues there. People stuck around despite a fire-alarm and the chance to run away. And great Stout hospitality at the end of the day.


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