Personal/Professional Need – A Key Element in Participation

This is the second community of practice I have been involved in.  It has been interesting to watch how Communities of Practice evolve and who participates.  In the case of Stout’s RSD Community of Practice the people who have committed to participate have a need to revise a course or program.  In the Tech Ed teacher prep program there are alignments and revisions occurring because of new evaluation standards.  Some of the Science and general education courses are undergoing program/course revision.  In addition we have a new Chancellor who is asking us to connect to our stakeholder community and look at how what we are doing in our courses and programs align with the university’s mission and vision.  With this in mind I sent a note to my colleagues asking them to take a look at the RSD Framework.  I made sure that I connected it to needs they might value.  Here is what I sent:

I would like to invite you to join me in a discussion as to whether we can use the RSD framework to:

  1. Adapt the language within the RSD framework to include terminology specific to our programs.
  2. Map the edTPA and program requirements onto the RSD so that we have a way to talk about program requirements in general terms related to a common research framework.
  3. Use the mapping of the edTPA onto the RSD framework to be able to respond to the 2010 SSA resolution supporting an undergraduate research experience for all students.
  4. Address the ways we are meeting the Chancellor’s charge to have a research experience for students using terminology that will be understood across the campus and across programs.

I was able to get 2 program directors to respond that they would be interested in working with me.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.


One thought on “Personal/Professional Need – A Key Element in Participation”

  1. It will be interesting to see the emerging characteristics of the RSD CoP. As you say Sylvia, such communities need to work pretty much around a shared sense of need. I suppose that sometimes it involves helping people to discern an unrecognized need. On the other hand it doesn’t work to be pushy!
    I am particularly interested to see learn about the differences between explicitly articulated vs informal CoPs over time.


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