Placemats for PCEM

So this week I brought up the RSD at our professional communication and emerging media (PCEM) program meeting. I explained that I was involved with this community of practice and planned to apply this to two of my courses. I then posed the idea of the program examining our courses to see where RSD could fit it, perhaps putting structure to what most of us are already doing.

I brought one RSD placemat to the meeting and passed it around. Everyone was engaged and inspired to talk more about it at future meetings. Everyone saw the value and validity of the approach. I could see wheels turning in everyone’s heads : ) Everyone wants a placemat!

Last week I attended a departmental committee meeting that is aimed at providing support (in a broad sense) for our faculty. I recommended we have a presentation/discussion connected to the RSD this fall and everyone was on-board with that idea. This might be something we promote campus-wide.

My plan for the next few weeks is to continue to bring RSD up at my program meetings and also coordinate the larger RSD presentation/discussion. I also will be working on this at a course-level as I integrate the concepts into how I talk about research in the classroom.


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