Research Process > Research Product

My RSD project is two-fold, one is course-level and one is program-level. I hope to encourage the professional communication and emerging media (PCEM) program to see how the RSD informs our program courses. Program faculty are interested in learning more about it and have some initial ideas about using it in their courses.

As for my own courses, I want to use the RSD framework to develop structure for how I approach research in my ENGL 218 (Mass Communication) and ENGL 418 (Convergent Communication) courses. I’ve taught these courses with a historical perspective that’s grounded in primary source research. I’ve started introducing some concepts in classes and realized that one of the main lessons I’m taking away from the RSD is that I want my students to see value in the research process not just the product.  For the classes, this means I am slowing down how I present the steps of a research project.


2 thoughts on “Research Process > Research Product”

  1. Yes- this really struck me too when I was working with colleagues on using the RSD to frame assessment rubrics. That we typically assess product is natural, whether written reports, essays, oral presentations or multi-media products, yet each is to its own in terms of structure and focus. However the underlying processes to make these products are fundamentally similar as per the facets of the RSD.

    This means that we can reconceptualize assessment as looking for the evidence of the process in the product. In this way we are looking for and reinforcing the same facets time and again, but in many different nuances. In this way we scaffold the development, maturation and increasing rigor applied by students of research skills in content-rich contexts.


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