Shared Language of RSD

My goal for the last few weeks has been to introduce the RSD framework to my departmental and program level colleagues.  I’m fortunate to serve on two different program committees and have been able to introduce the framework to both program directors as well as the curriculum committee for one of the programs.

I think I’ve had some successes in spreading the RSD framework.  Two of my departmental colleagues have joined the RSD cohort (one from each program)!  I was also pleased to be walking down the hall and spot the RSD framework posted next to the research posters displayed in our hallway next to our student research posters.  SUCCESS! The word is getting out!

My challenge continues to be time and learning to be a more effective communicator.  I am going to develop some “talking points” to better express my ideas and to work towards developing a shared language of research across the campus community.

My goal for the next meeting is to continue my work at the dept. and program level and also to met with the honors college directors regarding the RSD framework and how it can be utilized for their students.  I’m very excited about how quickly my colleagues have seen the applicability of the framework and the opportunities for a more efficient and productive dialogue about research across our entire campus.

IMG_0155 IMG_0156


One thought on “Shared Language of RSD”

  1. I’d love to know what talking points you develop Kitrina! The ‘efficient and productive dialogue about research’ sounds very exciting and sounds like you are moving forward by leaps and bounds as a team.


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