RSD in Operations

Research is done in our classes much more than I ever considered. The RSD is a tool that is going to help me guide my students to perform research – prescribed or open – in a more scholarly fashion. The course I chose to utilize the RSD model has been my INMGT-200, Production and Operations Management course (POM). Each term we complete a project taking the theory and book material and wrap it around a publicly held company.  Using guided questions and direction, each team finds the “material” in their company.  The final project culminates in a very nice presentation about each company.  There are six groups and the products/companies they choose to research are quite fun and engaging.  What has been frustrating is trying to help students determine “what is good research?” Many times my students will do an internet search, and the first few websites are “it.” We work through this during the semester, but the RSD is going to help provide a much better structure and approach to student research.

Although our project for this term has already started, and we have hit a few road blocks with content and time (not having enough), I am looking forward to completing the “Willison Exercise” in early November. My hope is I will see an improvement in what they consider “it” as we move forward.

More very soon…


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