Fireworks – Yet Another Analogy – Please let me know how many inidividuals you have impacted!

Colorful Fireworks

Image obtained from Microsoft Office version 10 Clipart

A strategy I have used when teaching is to get students to use an analogy to describe something (teaching is like …).  It makes students have to stop for a moment and think about the concept at hand for perhaps a moment or two.  So as I thought about our Community of Practice and how everyone was excited during our Thursday meetings when someone indicated that no one on campus knew of our efforts.  We took some steps to “advertise” more and I was kind of depressed for a little while.  Then I started thinking about how a culture changes and what kind of impact we might be having.  I started listening to our participants and I started to think about the impact this small group in the RSD Community of Practice might be making.  So as I look at posts and hear conversations  about the RSD I think of fireworks and how one spark starts another, and another and so on until we have a grand display — and hopefully facilitate change.  So thinking about this here is what I know:

I contacted the director of the Graduate School and explained the RSD.  The RSD framework then went out to 22 graduate level program directors.

I was at a department meeting.  When the opportunity arose the RSD was described and explained to at least 15 other people at the meeting.

I gave the RSD Framework to two other professors in the STEM and Art fields.   They were excited about how the RSD Framework fit their research and will be doing a presentation to a larger group of faculty later in the semester.

I look on our blog and I note that we have over 250 followers.

So my question to the rest of you in this RSD Community of Practice is:

How many people have you introduced to the RSD Framework?  How many people do you believe you have impacted and was the response positive or negative?

I am hoping that we may actually be changing the culture little by little.  I would be interested in your response.


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