RSD in Operations, whoa!

This week we were asked to develop an alignment with a project or assignment we utilize in one of the courses we teach.  It’s amazing what happens when you pull those thoughts out of your head and put them on paper.  RSD in business and operations, WHOA, very much needed (more so than I had thought).  I have attached my alignment for the project I plan to utilize in the Production and Operations Management course.  Due to the number of objectives we cover in this course, taking facility tours is very difficult to complete in a semester.  I’ve found this project to be very helpful in applying the theories and concepts of the course to something tangible.

What I am most concerned about (and this is noted in the alignment) is how to create instructions and provide guidance without taking away the ability to be creative and the teamwork that is needed for this type of project.  It is also crucial to keep the project at a level of rigor that my students don’t become robots and tick off checkmarks.  This will not bode them well for many of the careers they are choosing to enter.  However, I am in deep thought mode and excited to apply this framework more deeply with this project.

Next week, I will be conducting a “Willison” exercise and a little bit of training on “what is good information.”  What I hope to see after this review is an improvement in the review and analysis of their resources.  Unfortunately, the research I tend to see is a Google search and the first 3 links.  The best business decisions require much more critical thinking and analysis.  I want to provide my students with an opportunity to know more than the “first 3 links.”

Finally, as I’ve reviewed the blog today, I am noticing Sylvia asking “how do I get this ‘out there’ and communicate to change the culture?”  Excellent question.  In all honesty, I have not even thought about this beyond my class at this time.  Some of this is due to the way my time is structured this term, but some of it is due to trying to figure out the best way to communicate this process and idea and excitement to my colleagues.  I am finding that because this is my first time working with this framework, until I am feeling a bit more solid in the use of this tool, it’s going to be difficult for me to share without turning people “off” to this process.  I am very excited about our ability to showcase this at the January Professional Development week.  My hope is that by then, I will be more comfortable, and there will be a campus-wide information sharing opportunity to get our campus to start asking questions.  Sharing and creating curiosity is a great way to change culture.

Time to sign off and get back to work.

RSD Framework Alignment – MWilson


One thought on “RSD in Operations, whoa!”

  1. Hi Marya! I love hearing the contextualization of this for all of you in different disciplines, with different learning objectives. As you approach the topic of “What is good information” with your students, let me know if you need anything from the library staff. I would especially love to hear how you walk students through this to inform how I teach it in the general education classrooms.


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