Analyzing a Research Project: Insights

I did an analysis of the research project I am in the middle of completing for my Games in Education course.  I used a modified version of Byron Anderson’s analysis framework.  Here is what the analysis looked like and some of the insights.  There is work to be done!!

EDUC 210 – Original Analysis

Games in Education

Sylvia Tiala

Course Goal Mtg # & Item RSD Column & Row Student Action & Instructor Notes
Explain the educational/training use of identified video games and simulations 1.AFS Summit and Game Research – assigned readings over the course of several weeks as homework. Embark and Clarify

Find & Generate

Quiz given this semester after it was noted that most students did not complete the reading as there were not outcomes/consequences attached and no apparent reason other than the   instructor statement that “it would be important.
Analyze video games/simulations for their suitable use in education/training environments
  1. Current Researcher Assignment
Embark and Clarify In the past I have shared these in class. This semester I did not do this. In a weekly reflection several students asked for clarity regarding the relevance of the assignment.
Propose a research project that includes a literature review, a study design, and methods of assessing the use of video games and simulations in the educational or training environments.
  1. APA Format (APA format game & homework assignment) Research Question Developed (Online resources on how to develop)
Embark and Clarify I introduced the final research project assignment and indicated that the assignment would be “chunked”. We looked at APA formatting. Most students are familiar with MLA style. An assignment was given to identify a research question and write a paragraph on how it tied to major themes from the FAS 2006 Game Summit report. The process of identifying a research question was provided and discussed with time in class given for practice.
  1. Research Question

Annotated Bibliography

(response in D2L and in person)

Find and Generate

Organize & Mange?

Time was given in class and two days for processing a research question. Students were asked to post their research question to a D2L discussion board so that 1) I could help refine the question and 2) Make sure the question was focused enough to enable a viable literature search.
  1. Research paper
Organize & Mange

Analyze & Synthesize

I have done the research paper in the past and most were done well as an end product. The middle of the project is always a bit hectic.
  1. Peer Review on discussion board and grading by instructor
Communicate In the past I have just reviewed the papers so dissemination was not a part of the research process. This time I will consider having peers make comments or???

Overall insights from this process:

  1. Students are unclear about how this research endeavor ties to teaching/learning or adds value.
  2. I identified weak areas where I am not being clear – either with my students or in my own mind (What does organizing and management look like? Am I making the scaffolding clear to the students? Should I concentrate on only part of the framework? How do I get students to more clearly see connections between what I am assigning and how I want them to think?).
  3. Is this a viable assignment for the amount of time I have students engaged in this course?
  4. Is it time to re-evaluate, and perhaps update, the course?

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