Comparing Action Research, SoTL, DBER

This semester has been an interesting journey.  As a teacher-educator I am helping pre-service teachers understand what “Action Research” is and help them integrate some action research strategies into their thinking and their portfolios that provide evidence of proficient practice.  As a university professor I am involved in multiple Communities of Practice.  The “Teaching Champs” CoP focuses on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and is led by Renee Howarton of the Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center.  I have also been involved in grant writing that focuses on Discipline-Based Research (DBER) and includes elements of SoTL and Action Research as a K-16+ stakeholders are addressed.  It has been interesting to see how the elements of all of these overlap.  I am sharing this link from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln that does a good job of comparing and contrasting  Action Research, SoTL and DBER.  Take a peek at:


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