Threshold Concepts and Information Literacy

After a day of being introduced to the RSD framework, Jessy Polzer (UW- Stout’s Instruction/Reference librarian) talks to participants of the Student Research Skills symposium about Information Literacy, Information Literacy standards, and Threshold Concepts (

Jessy provided information about students’ and teachers’ misconceptions related to information literacy and the need to be aware of, and teach to, misconceptions about information such as:

  • Google is my research tool
  • Blogs, wikipedia, and the like should NEVER be used (depending on the purpose of the research question they may be viable sources)
  • Information on websites with .edu or .org is always credible

Jesse followed this with an example of how a teacher might help students better understand a process related to picking suitable sources that helped answer their research question and move beyond the general guidelines typically posted for source analysis.   Well done Jessy!  Thank you!

Jessy Dec2015 Trans CncptPost


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