Introduction to the RSD Community of Practice

Kitrina Carlson, Anne Kerber and Sylvia Tiala are pleased to be collaborating with the Nakatiani Teaching and Learning Center and the 2014-2015 UW-Stout Research Skill Development Cohort in exploring John Willison’s Research Skills Development Framework. It will be exciting to determine ways in which we can explicitly and coherently develop students’ research skills, research literacies, and problem solving skills in the context of undergraduate education.

This endeavor has its roots in a May, 2013 meeting of the Wisconsin System Council on Undergraduate Research (WiSCUR) where UW-Stout faculty members were introduced to John Willison’s Research Skills Development Framework (RSD). Willison’s subsequent visit to UW – Stout’s campus in November of 2013, and a workshop in July of 2014, paved the way for the development of the resources that we will be sharing.

Willison’s RSD Framework will be used as the vehicle to explore research-related topics across disciplines and guide conversations relative to developing students’ research skills. Our hope is to make a contribution to UW – Stout’s vision and enduring goals by promoting undergraduate research as a sound pedagogical practice.

Welcome to our community!


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applying a framework to the development of skills associated with research

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