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More Than Just Another Hoop

My RSD project will serve students in my Honors SPCOM/Speech 100: Fundamentals of Speech course. I typically teach two sections (48 students) per semester. However, I frequently use these classes to pilot new assigned and pedagogical strategies before expanding their use to our basic SPCOM 100 course (which is required for all UW-Stout students). If my pilot works well, I intend to share these strategies with other colleagues teaching the course.

Like Kate, I want to help my students better understand the research process by doing a better job of unpacking it and staging it across the term. This goal came from a recent classroom epiphany: Why do I require students to do a research-intensive speech immediately in the semester? Could I get better quality speeches from my students by first helping them understand why research gives them an important set of tools for informing their work – not just in my class, but in other courses and the workplace? Can I help them see it as something more than just another hoop to jump through? I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes!